Armed robbery foiled after pistol jams, security guards and customers disarm robber

An attempted armed robbery of an ATM cash box at a convenience store was foiled by security guards, and customers who came to their assistance, in Taoyuan City yesterday, November 27.

A 38-year-old suspect, Liao Ming-zong, had been planning the robbery for the past two weeks, and had stolen a motorcycle, and purchased a modified pistol for the purpose.

Liao and an accomplice named Huang arrived at the store on Wenhua Road in Guishan District at around 2:00pm, but Huang lost his nerve at the last minute, and left the scene.

Determined to go through with the robbery, Liao entered the store and waited for security guards to enter with a box of cash to replenish the ATM inside the store.

7-11 in Taoyuan City where attempted armed robbery occurred
Scene of an attempted armed robbery in Guishan District, Taoyuan City. Picture: Taoyuan City Police Deparment.

Two guards entered the store shortly after 2:00pm, carrying a box containing NT$2.5 million. Liao approached from behind and yelled at the guards. Liao fired a shot at the ground to show that he was carrying a real gun and willing to use it, then demanded the cash box.

When one of the guards yelled back at Liao, refusing to hand over the box, Liao aimed his pistol at the guard and pulled the trigger. The modified pistol jammed, and the guard immediately drew his baton and knocked the gun out out of Liao’s hand.

According to witnesses, and security monitor footage, the guard then threw himself onto Liao and pressed him to the ground. Two customers who had witnessed the incident then came to the guards’ aid, kicking away the pistol, and helping to restrain the suspect until police arrived.

failed armed robber arrested
Failed armed robber is arrested in Taoyuan City.

Police handcuffed Liao, and confiscated the pistol, and five bullets. Liao was taken to hospital to be treated for an injury to his hand before being interrogated by police. After Liao’s statement, officers proceeded to the home of Mr Huang, who was also arrested.

One of the customers who came to the assistance of the guards was named Chen, and the other left without providing any information. Police commended the men for their actions.

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