Han supporter Facebook page switches allegiance to Tsai Ing-wen amid spy scandal and corruption allegations

A Facebook fan page for KMT Presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu switched allegiance to incumbent DPP President Tsai Ing-wen in recent days, and the founder has alleged that they suspect the original sponsor may have been a Chinese agent.

According to a report by FTV News (Formosa Television), the sponsor had originally paid NT5,000 per month for the page supporting Han Kuo-yu. The sponsor had contacted the writer by phone and had a heavy Chinese accent, a spokesperson for the page said.

Starting in July 2019, an editorial team pumped out an average 25 posts per month supporting Han’s policies, and providing details of his itinerary of public appearances.

However, as soon as the Wang Li-qiang spy scandal broke out last weekend, the sponsor stopped calling, and phone calls went unanswered, the spokesperson said.

Wang Liqiang, last week, provided details about methods used by agents of the Chinese Communist Party to influence elections in Taiwan in favor of Han Kuo-yu and the KMT, including the use of social media.

The spokesperson quoted by Formosa TV said that the editorial team of the fan page had felt swindled. “We felt that we were being cheated to support a candidate with no style,” the editor said.

The switch of allegiances was not just about the money, according to media reports, and the general context of the current election campaign.

Han Kuo-yu’s support, according to polls, were already falling before the Wang Li-qiang election-interference allegations, and have continued to plummet since.

Han Kuo-yu has been dogged by allegations of dodgy property deals, tax evasion by his wife, and in the last couple of days, by allegations that Han and the family of his wife had profited from “looting national resources” via his father-in-law’s gravel extraction business.

In response to allegations that his father-in-law had engaged in illegal extraction of gravel on government land in 1998, Han responded that his opponents were digging up 30-year-old dirt in order to deflect from today’s election issues.

“I didn’t even know Lee Jia-fen (his wife) back then,” Han said.

Internet meme involving Han Guo-yu and his daughter.
Han: “In 1998, I didn’t even know Lee Jia-fen.”
Daughter: “Dad, I was born in 1996.” Picture from Facebook.

Han Kuo-yu’s Butt Jokes Backfire

Another factor that has led to a rout from his supporter camp is Han’s frequent use of coarse language and vulgar analogies, frequently revolving around the lower body, and backside.

Earlier this month, Han said that the DPP had several butt hairs sticking out. “I can see their butt hairs clearly,” Han said.

“Win in the opinion polls and all you get is hemorrhoids. Every day she [Tsai Ing-wen] looks at the polls and revels in them, and unwittingly ends up with hemorrhoids,” Han Kuo-yu said earlier this week.

DPP candidate, psychiatrist Teng Hui-wen (鄧惠文), cast a rather Freudian view on Han’s butt jokes in a Storm Media report, two days ago. “In terms of psychological development a person’s first feeling of the ability to control their body comes with with control of the anus,” Teng said.

Teng suggested that Han’s hemorrhoid reference regarding recent polls shows that the polls are causing Han some anxiety. Projecting hemorrhoids onto his opponent is an attempt to eliminate his anxiety, Teng said on a political commentary program aired on November 27.

New Power Party candidate Gao Yu-ting (高鈺婷) displays a chart showing Han’s vulgar references to body parts, some of which offended the intellectually impaired, women, and other groups. The chart also depicted a bias toward the rear-end. Picture: Gao Yu-ting’s Facebook page.

Han’s vulgar comments appear to have influenced the editors of the Facebook page – formerly named “President Han kuo-yu: Taiwan safe, people have money,” but now renamed “President Han Bullshit President: Kuo-yu safe, Lee Jia-fen rich” – to switch allegiances.

“I don’t want to waste my energy supporting this kind of candidate (Han) – with no style, and not only a straw bag, but also uncultured,” the page editor was reported as saying in an SETN report.

The page editor apologized and said that his team regretted doing wrong for the country, and felt that the best thing they could do under the circumstances was to make the best use of the more than 10,000 followers they had gathered, and to switch support to Tsai Ing-wen.

DPP legislator Chao Tien-lin (趙天麟) said that the fact that the Facebook page was paid for by someone with a Chinese accent “deserves attention,” Liberty Times reported.

Former Han support page now turned Tsai Ing-wen support Facebook page. [edit: page appears to have been taken down.]

Cover picture: Han Bullshit President Facebook page.

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