Paratrooper uninjured after entangling in ropes and landing on road

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense today said that a paratrooper who landed bodily on a public road adjacent to a landing field after becoming entangled in his parachute cords, Monday, had not been injured in the incident.

The official military statement said that the soldier was properly qualified, there was no problem with the standard operating procedures, and although landing on the asphalt road was “not ideal,” the soldier was not injured.

Members of the public watching the aerial activities beside the training field in Pingtung County, December 13, caught the incident in photographs and video from the moment the paratrooper became entangled in the suspension lines upon exit from the C-130H transport plane, to the heavy, prone landing.

paratrooper upside down with feet caught in parachute lines
paratrooper upside down with feet caught in parachute lines
the moment before landing
Moment before landing
paratrooper lands prone

As shocked onlookers screamed, two military personnel were seen immediately running to the soldier’s assistance.

The soldier was able to stand up, fold his parachute, and walk back to the field on his own after the incident.

Some media reports noted that the uniform of the paratrooper, and berets of the soldiers who went to his assistance suggested that they were troops from Singapore training in Taiwan.

However, the military made no mention in official statements, and neither confirmed, nor denied when questioned by reporters.

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