Inside job: Security guard arrested for part in ATM cash armed robbery

One of two security guards who were held up at gunpoint while delivering cash in a convenience store in New Taipei City, Tuesday, has been arrested and charged as an accomplice in the robbery.

The 19-year-old cash guard, named Tsai, was just a few weeks into a job with the security company, when he and a colleague were held up and robbed of NT$1.21 million at a convenience store in Wugu District.

The two robbers took to a getaway car and escaped, only to be arrested a little over two hours later. Of the three suspects arrested, a 21-year-old man named Liu, was concluded to be the main culprit in the crime. Prosecutors obtained a court order for Liu’s detention, while a 16-year-old accomplice was transferred to the Juvenile Court. A third man, named Lin, was deemed to be a minor accomplice. Lin normally worked as a “white car” (unlicensed) taxi driver, and had been roped in to be the getaway driver. Prosecutors released Lin on NT$30,000 bail.

During the course of the investigation, police searched Liu’s phone and communication records, linking him to Tsai, and showing that the two had engaged in extensive communications in the lead-up to the robbery.

Further investigations revealed that Tsai and Liu had known each other since childhood.

Tsai was arrested yesterday, Wednesday, December 15, and charged today, Thursday. Prosecutors also applied for, and were granted permission to detain Tsai.

Investigators found that previous to starting work as a security guard, Tsai had worked in a survivalist store dealing in BB guns and other goods. His friend Lin was unemployed, and a little over a month ago had discussed his money problems with Tsai. Tsai started work at the security company on November 26, and it is suspected that he may have sought the job for the specific purpose of carrying out the crime.

After 11 days familiarizing himself with the cash delivery job, Tsai and Lin began planning the time and place for the robbery to take place, finally settling on the Hi Life convenience store away from crowded residential areas, and close to the onramp of an expressway.

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