Paratrooper uninjured after entangling in ropes and landing on road

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense today said that a paratrooper who landed bodily on a public road adjacent to a landing field after becoming entangled in his parachute cords, Monday, had not been injured in the incident. The official military statement said that the soldier was properly qualified, there was no problem with the standard operating procedures, and although landing on the asphalt road was “not ideal,” the soldier was not injured. Members of the public watching the aerial activities

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Army Parachutists Land in Taipei City

In the lead up to an event to be held by the Ministry of Defense July 8, parachutists landed in the square of Chiang Kai Chek Memorial Hall this morning. Weather permitting, parachutists will make the same drop July 5,6,7 and 8. The parachutists belonging to the Army Shenlong Squadron leaped from a CH-47 helicopter at 4,500 feet to practice a precision landing to be made during a national high school drill team contest to be held on Saturday. The

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