Canadian arrested in Tainan after damaging car and shoving police officer

A man of Canadian nationality was arrested in Tainan City in the early hours of the morning today, after shoving a police officer responding to reports that the man was hitting a parked car with a motorcycle helmet, according to reports in Liberty Times, and United Daily News.

The 46-year-old man named Gosal was reported to police after allegedly harassing a female convenience store clerk on March 31, and April 1. Police responded to reports several times, and twice brought Gosal, who is traveling on a tourist visa, to the Immigration Department.

Immigration officers thought that Gosal’s mental condition was “a little problematic.” However, as he had not been charged with any crime, could not deport him.

According to the Liberty Times report, Gosal had arrived in Taiwan from Korea in February. On March 31, and April 1, Gosal allegedly continually harassed the female clerk, asking her for assistance. When the clerk asked what he needed help with, Gosal at times giggled and did not answer, and sometimes replied, “you know.”

Shortly after midnight this morning, police responded to a report that a foreign man was hitting a parked car with a motorcycle helmet. When police arrived at the scene, Gosal was wandering around on a zebra crossing. Video of the incident [See below] shows Gosal deliberately impeding cars attempting to pass the crossing.

When a police officer arrived, Gosal left the crossing and began shoving the police officer.

The officer used pepper spray to stop Gosal’s attack, and arrested him.

The owner of the car Gosal allegedly damaged refused to press charges. Gosal was charged with obstructing an official in the execution of his duties.

Canadian suspect

Sources: Liberty Times Network, United Daily News.


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