If you park on the sidewalk, I will walk on your car

Two men filed police complaints against each other after one parked his car on a pedestrian path, and the the other walked on, and damaged the car, in Taipei City last week.

According to reports, a 26-year-old man, named Chiou, pulled over onto a pedestrian path on Yanji Street, and waited for his girlfriend while she was buying breakfast.

A 35-year-old man, named Ho, who was walking on the pedestrian path, refused to go around the car, and instead stepped up onto the hood and proceeded to walk over the windshield and roof before jumping off the back of the hatchback sedan. Ho’s actions resulted in a dented hood and a cracked windshield.

picture of car showing dented hood and cracked windshield

After a verbal dispute, police were called to the scene. Both men filed formal complaints against each other. Chiou accused Ho of damaging his car, and Ho accused Chiou of causing injury, as Ho had allegedly injured his foot when he jumped off the back of the vehicle.

After taking the mens’ statements, police handed them over to the District Prosecutor’s Office. Ho was charged on suspicion of causing damage, and Chiou was charged on suspicion of negligent injury. Chiou also received a parking ticket.

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