Drunk Driver Crashes into Chemical Tanker

A drunk driver side-swiped parked cars in Taoyuan City and continued driving at high speed until his car smashed into the back of a chemical tanker on Zhongshan Road at around 3:00am this morning.

Fortunately, no leakage occurred from the tanker carrying para-xylene, used in the production of plastic products.

The drunk driver, Mr Tsai, 39, was cut out of his wrecked car unconscious, was given CPR, and rushed to hospital. A blood test taken at the hospital gave a blood alcohol reading of 1.17 mg/l.

Three fire engines and two ambulances were dispatched to the scene of the accident.

firefighters cut driver out of wrecked vehicle
Firefighters cut an unconscious drunk driver out of his vehicle in Taoyuan City this morning, December 24. Picture: Taoyuan Fire Dept.

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