Police Fire 9 Shots in Car Chase but Crook Gets Away

A man wanted for drug-related offences led police on a chase through Banciao and Wanhua Districts last night, and escaped despite 9 shots being fired at his car at close range.

At around 10:00pm, November 10, police officers on patrol ran a license plate check after noticing a suspicious vehicle in Wanan St, Banciao District, and found the white Mitsubishi sedan belonged to a 35 year-old man named Zhang (張) who had a court order for his arrest. When the officers attempted to pull over the vehicle, the driver stepped on the gas and sped in the direction of Taipei City.

The police officers, riding police scooters, chased the vehicle while calling for backup.

After crossing Hua-Cui Bridge into Wanhua District, the suspect’s vehicle was blocked by another vehicle while he attempted to make a U-turn on Henan Road. As the suspect reversed his vehicle, the police officers dismounted and fired a total of 9 shots at the front wheels and driver’s side door.

The shots were to little effect, however, and the suspect sped away.

The abandoned vehicle was found at a market nearby around 45 minutes after the shots were fired. Police detectives identified four bullet holes in the car, including one to the driver’s side door, and four marks left from bullets that failed to pierce the door.

There were no traces of blood in the car.

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