Woman Survives Fall from 15th Floor

[Picture: United Daily News]

A woman in Taichung City survived a fall from the 15th floor, after jumping off a balcony, and landing on a sheet-metal roof at the 3rd floor level.

The 35 year-old woman named Hsieh, was drinking with her 30 year-old boyfriend at around noon today when she apparently began to question him as to whether or not he had a mistress. An argument ensued, during which Ms Hsieh attempted to jump off the 15th floor balcony.

Her boyfriend, named Wang, managed to grab Hsieh, and hold her dangling for a while, but he soon became exhausted and lost his grip. As Hsieh fell, she hit an awning on the 11th floor but bounced off and landed on a sheet metal roof of a rain cover built on the 3rd floor.

Paramedics rushed the unconscious Ms Hsieh to the emergency department at China Medical University Hospital.

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