Tour Bus Driver Killed in 6 Vehicle Accident

A bus driver died at the scene but no other casualties were reported after a tour bus rear-ended a truck, which in turn plowed into other vehicles, on Freeway No. 2 in Taoyuan this morning.

A total of 6 vehicles were involved in the accident.

The driver’s compartment bore the brunt of the impact. Firefighters found the 58 year-old driver trapped and “obviously dead” when they arrived at the scene of the accident.

The bus was carrying 5 passengers en route to Taipei Taoyuan International Airport when the accident occurred at around 10:15am. A shuttle bus was sent to pick the travelers up so they could make their flights.

deformed driver compartment of tour bus after crash
The driver compartment of the bus bore the brunt of the impact. Picture: Taoyuan Fire Bureau.
vehicles involved in accident in Taoyuan
A traffic jam stretched several kilometers after a multivehicle accident on Freeway 2 in the direction of Taipei Taoyuan International Airport. Picture: Taoyuan Fire Bureau.

Sources: United Daily News, Apple Daily.

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