Brothers Arrested for Murder: Police Search for Body Parts

A murder investigation that began after human bones were found on a hiking trail in Sanxia District, New Taipei City last year has led to the arrest of two brothers.

The murder victim, 92 year-old Lou Yongfeng, went missing July 21, 2015, after leaving his home in Keelung to meet the men, Lin Shunming and Lin Yuguang. Lou was involved in an NT$64 million property dispute involving the Lin brothers’ father, Lin Shilang, a 77 year-old retired bank manager.

The Lin brothers, 48 and 49 years-old, believed that Lou had cheated their father of a large sum of money. They lured him to a meeting, killed him, and dismembered his body.

Lin Yuguang took part of the remains and disposed of them on a hiking trail in Sanxia District in the vicinity of Yun-sen (Cloud Forest) Waterfall. Lin Shunming rode a bicycle on Taipei City’s riverside bikeway and dropped a weighted bag containing body parts into the river near Zhongcui Bridge in Banciao District.

December 2016, a hiker stumbled across a human lower leg bone downstream of Yun-sen Waterfall, and alerted authorities. Police investigators used DNA analysis to trace the bones to the missing Mr Lou.

Further investigations led to the arrest of Lin Senior and his two sons last month, June 24. Lin senior was released on bail, while his sons were kept in custody.

Today, one group of investigators took Lin Yuguang to Sanxia District to point out the spot where he disposed of the remains, while another group explored the Dahan River under Zhongcui Bridge. Investigators at Zhongcui Bridge recovered the partial remains of a sack and took it away for forensics examination.

murder victim Mr Lou
Murder victim, Mr Lou. Picture: TVBS.
investigators at a crime scene in Banciao District New Taipei City
Investigators take the remains of a sack for forensics investigation. Picture: Liberty Times Network.

Sources: United Daily News, Liberty Times Network, TVBS.

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