Patrol Car Hit while Running Red Light: Forgot to turn on Siren

A police car escorting an ambulance and a civilian car was hit by another car while running a red light in Miaoli County last night. According to Apple Daily, the police officers had forgotten to turn on the siren.

Earlier in the evening, officers had received a report from concerned family members that a 38 year old man named Lee intended to commit suicide. Police located the man’s car near Jiuwenshui Bridge, and found Lee in the riverbed at around 8:00 pm. Mr Lee had ingested pesticides and was vomiting and foaming at the mouth.

The police officers followed the ambulance and the car of one of Lee’s relatives. According to Apple Daily, the patrol car’s lights were flashing, but the officers had forgotten to turn on the siren.

A Volvo driven by a man named Huang hit the police car as it ran a red light, sending the patrol car out of control. The police car hit the central traffic barrier. Two people in the police car were injured: a volunteer police officer, and a civil defense guard. The volunteer police officer remained in hospital overnight with a rib injury.

Mr Lee, who is believed to have been burdened by gambling debts, was declared dead at the hospital at around 10:00 pm.

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