Lost in Kaohsiung

A fifteen year-old Chinese girl lost her way in Kaohsiung after becoming separated from her mother and tour group. The girl walked into a police station to ask for help.  When the police captain asked her how she became separated from her mother, the girl explained she had an argument with her mother at a nightmarket.

“What did you argue about?”, the police officer asked.

The girl explained that she had heard it said that Taiwanese people were polite, obeyed traffic rules, and spoke quietly. Her mother, on the other hand, constantly spoke loudly, crossed the road against red lights, walked along the median strip of a busy road, and so on.

Embarrassed by her mother’s behavior, the girl told her that she should leave her bad habits at home, and respect Taiwan’s traffic regulations and customs. In the middle of the busy and crowded night market, the mother loudly remonstrated with her daughter and pinched her.

The girl walked off and decided to walk back to the hotel on her own. However, she lost her way. The police managed to find the tour group and brought the mother to the police station. After a little mediation and a chat, the matter was sorted out to everyone’s satisfaction.

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