Army Parachutists Land in Taipei City

In the lead up to an event to be held by the Ministry of Defense July 8, parachutists landed in the square of Chiang Kai Chek Memorial Hall this morning. Weather permitting, parachutists will make the same drop July 5,6,7 and 8.

The parachutists belonging to the Army Shenlong Squadron leaped from a CH-47 helicopter at 4,500 feet to practice a precision landing to be made during a national high school drill team contest to be held on Saturday.

The drop will be repeated tomorrow, Wednesday at 7:00am, and Thursday and Friday at 2:00pm.

Eight parachutists will make the precision landing on Saturday during the contest.

parachutists land at CKS Hall, Taipei City
Parachutists from the ROC Army elite Shenlong Squadron leap from a CH-47 helicopter over CKS Hall square July 4, 2017. Picture: ROC Army.

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