News Roundup July 4

Woman Spends Night at the Bottom of a Gully

a woman is carried on a stretcher in a streambed in Taoyuan City.
Ms You, 40, was rescued by firefighters after spending the night at the bottom of a slope. Picture: Taoyuan Fire Bureau.

Taoyuan: A 40 year-old woman spent the night at the bottom of a ravine after rolling down a 40 meter slope in Fuhsing District, Taoyuan.

At around 7:00pm last night, Ms You heeded an urgent call of nature and squatted in grass by the roadside to urinate. Ms You lost her balance and rolled down the slope. Nobody saw her fall or heard her calls for help until 7:00am this morning.

Taoyuan City Fire Bureau dispatched 5 firefighters to the rescue. Ms You suffered a fractured left femur and cuts and abrasions to her left side and face.

Source: Liberty Times Network

Two Men Killed in Scooter Crash

paramedics treating two men who died in a scooter accident.
Paramedics at the scene of an accident in Hualien County, July 4, 2017. Picture: Hualien Police Burea.

Hualien: A 20 year old scooter rider and his 27 year-old passenger were killed after hitting a tree on Highway 9 in Hualien County this morning.

The pair were passing Jingmei Village at around 6:45am when the accident occurred. Both men were said to have suffered serious head injuries and were declared dead in the emergency department of Tzu Chi Hospital.

Alcohol tests turned up negative and police are accessing traffic monitors in an attempt to ascertain the cause of the accident.

Source: Liberty Times Network

Shit Hits the Fan in Kenting: Man pissed off about Beach Trash

a smashed fan
A fan smashed by a man who broke into an administration office in Kenting Township. Picture: Liberty Times Network.

Pingtung County: A man responsible for breaking a window with a sword at the Kenting National Park Administration Center then smashing a fan 2 days ago, spoke to media today, to express his motives for the attack.

Hou Fengzhang (侯鳳璋) told a Liberty Times Network reporter that he was frustrated by inaction about beach trash polluting the park. He accused authorities of failing to address a serious environmental problem.

Mr Hou on a paddle board in Kenting
Mr Hou often picks up trash on Kenting’s seashore. Picture: Liberty Times Network.

Mr Hou, who often picks up trash at the seaside, left a note at the office saying that when he took his daughter to the seaside she had asked: “Dad, why are you always picking up trash?”

Mr Hou said that if Taiwan’s two main political parties fail to address the issue by August, he will join the Communist Party.

Source: Liberty Times Network

Puppy Killed on Expressway: Cops Stand Guard

police stand guard and direct traffic around dead dog
Police stand guard and direct traffic around the remains of a dog in Hsinchu County, July 4, 2017. Picture: Police

Internet users praised two police officers after pictures were uploaded to Facebook showing the cops standing guard over the remains of a dog killed after being hit by a car on an expressway in Hsinchu County this morning.

Police received a report about the dog at around 8:00am. The two officers stood guard and directed traffic until Highway Administration staff arrived to deal with the remains half an hour later.

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