Woman Murdered and Encased in Cement

The body of a woman missing since March 13 has been found encased in cement in the residence she shared with her brother, sister-in-law, and their two children in New Taipei City’s Xinzhuang District this morning. The dead woman’s sister-in-law has confessed to the murder.

Ms Zhang, 38, told police that she and Ms Yeh, 39, had often quarreled over trivial matters. On Tuesday March 13, Zhang took her two children to school as usual. When she returned home, she saw Yeh stepping out of the bathroom. Zhang picked up a dumbbell and beat Ms Yeh over the head with it. As Yeh continued to breath, Zhang dragged her into the bathroom and drowned her in the bathtub.

dumbbells used as murder weapon
A pair of dumbbells, one of which was used in the murder of a woman in Xinzhuang District. According to investigators, when the body was recovered, the skull was obviously broken. Picture: United Daily News

Zhang then dragged Yeh’s body into the bedroom and left the house to purchase three bags of cement. Zhang wrapped the body in a quilt and mixed a cement paste which she used to make the crude sarcophagus.

When Yeh’s older brother, the husband of Ms Zhang, came home from work and found his sister absent, and her bedroom door locked, he assumed that Ms Yeh had gone to Taichung to participate in a marathon she had been preparing for.

Four days later, Mr Yeh became concerned after his sister’s boss called to say that Yeh, an accountant for an interior decoration firm, had not turned up for work or made contact for several days. Mr Yeh broke into the bedroom, and upon seeing the cement mound, Mr Yeh contacted police.

Police investigators examining the scene found Ms Zhang’s behavior and demeanor suspicious, and took her in for questioning. Zhang confessed to the murder this morning.

Ms Zhang, murder suspect
Ms Zhang, 39, a mother of two, had frequent quarrels with her sister-in-law before finally killing her March 13, 2018.
murder victim
The murder victim, Ms Yeh, was a keen runner who regularly competed in marathons.

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