Taiwan Thanks President Trump for Signing Taiwan Travel Act

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Office of the President thanked the US President for signing the Taiwan Travel Act, putting into law the encouragement of high-level visits between officials of the two countries.

President Trump signed the Taiwan Travel Act Friday evening, March 16. The act was passed unanimously by the US Congress January 9, 2018.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

MOFA said that Taiwan-US relations are close and amicable. In recent years, through the joint efforts of both parties, the Taiwan-US relationship has become even more solid and stable. In particular, since President Trump took office, the US administration has frequently dispatched senior officials of relevant departments to Taiwan in the fields of business, culture and education.

MOFA singled-out the Taiwan-US Cooperation and Training Framework (GCTF) as an initiative which has brought about closer substantive cooperation between the two parties.

MOFA expressed gratitude and appreciation for the goodwill of friends in the US Congress and the friendship of the Trump administration, and said that it will continue to uphold the principles of mutual trust, reciprocity, and mutual benefit, and maintain close contact and communication with the US side to strengthen the partnership working together to promote regional peace and stability.

Presidential Office

Lin Heming, speaking for the Taiwan Office of the President, expressed his thanks to the US Congress for passage of the Taiwan Travel Act, and to President Trump for signing it into law. Lin promised that the Office of the President will work closely with the US administration to strengthen the relationship between Taiwan and the United States.

Mr Lin said that the United States is an important ally of Taiwan and sincerely thanked the United States for long-standing support in various fields. As a member of the international community, Taiwan will develop a more solid cooperative relationship with the United States to jointly contribute to regional peace, stability, and well-being.

Beijing “Strongly Dissatisfied”

Beijing on Saturday expressed “strong opposition” to the US President’s signing of the act, according to South China Morning Post.

“The relevant clauses of the Taiwan Travel Act severely violate the one-China principle,” a statement from the Chinese embassy in Washington said. “China is strongly dissatisfied with that and firmly opposes it.”

The statement said the US should stop pursuing any official ties with Taiwan or improving its current relations with Taiwan in any substantive way.

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