Witnesses Mistake Drunk Punk for Movie Stuntman

The presence of a film crew at the scene of an accident early yesterday morning in Kaohsiung City led bystanders to believe they had just witnessed a spectacular movie stunt. Actually, they had just witnessed the lead singer of a nu metal band drunkenly smash through a crash barrier while attempting to avoid a pedestrian crossing the road.

At around 5:00am, Sunday, October 29, a 24 year-old driver lost control of his vehicle and ended up vertically parked on a bike-way on the banks of the Love River.

Fortunately, no cyclists or pedestrians were injured in the accident.

Coincidentally, a Chinese film crew and support staff from the Kaohsiung City Cultural Bureau were working at the scene at the time of the accident. When early-risers exercising in the park witnessed the accident, they assumed it was a stunt, and part of the film.

Members of the film crew rushed to the driver’s aid and pulled him out of the vehicle. Some stood by with fire extinguishers, as sporadic sparks emanated from under the hood.

The driver, suffered a minor injury to one hand and was found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.76mg/l after police arrived on the scene.

A Liberty Times Network report today identified the driver as the vocalist for nu-metal band “Way of Puzzle,” (謎路人) Xiao He (小賀).

Mr He was polite and cooperative with police, and apologized for the trouble he had caused.

Along with the minor fame the band has already received since it formed in 2014, the bad boys from Kaohsiung have now also earned a little notoriety.

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a car accident in Kaohsiung
Vertical parking in Kaohsiung City, October 29, 2017.
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