White Wolf: Taiwan Aborigines are Chinese, and Confucian

Chang An-lo, also known as the “White Wolf,” declared that Taiwan’s indigenous people are actually Chinese at an Amis “harvest festival” organised by the Chinese Unity Promotion Party in Hualian yesterday, September 9.

The event was styled as “The Chinese Unity Year of Confucius 2568 Bumper Harvest Festival”.

Making a speech as host of the event, the erudite gangster-turned-politician declared, “Everyone is Chinese; aboriginal people are Chinese.”

Wearing a costume that resembled a traditional Chinese-style robe but with Amis aboriginal motifs, Chang also declared, “Aborigines are Confucian,” and “a part of ancient Chinese culture.”

“There is no need to use the Christian calendar”, the Wolf said, “nor the ROC calendar. The birth of Confucius was the beginning of the era.”

Hence the name “The Chinese Unity Year of Confucius 2568 Bumper Harvest Festival.”

Amis ethnicity legislator Kolas Yotaka decried Chang’s statements, pointing out that Taiwan’s aboriginal people are Austronesian, and related to the people of South-east Asia and the Pacific, not China.

On her Facebook page Yotaka called the event “history’s most dreadful harvest festival.”

Yotaka said that in a pluralistic, democratic society, the views of any party can be respected. However, the misappropriation, misuse, and abuse of somebody else’s culture can not be tolerated.

Yotaka emphasized that Taiwanese aborigines differed from Chinese genetically, culturally, and linguistically.

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