Two Night Market Vendors Stabbed by Angry Driver

Two vendors were stabbed at the Lehua Nightmarket in Yonghe District, New Taipei city, after dispute over a driving incident this morning, April 7.

At around 3:00am, a seafood restaurant manager named Tsai was clearing up the street-side display of seafood after close of business. A man named Sun, driving a white sedan, ran over a tub of ice Tsai had placed on the street.

Twenty-nine year-old Tsai chased the car while waving a broom. Sun, 23, rolled down his window and a brief verbal altercation ensued.

Sun drove away, but returned a short time later with two companions. Sun was armed with a machete, his friend, Liu, 21, brandished a butterfly knife, and the third man, who remains unidentified, carried a baseball bat.

The managers of a noodle stand next to the restaurant heard the altercation, and went to Tsai’s assistance. Fifty-two year-old Mr Lin and his 26 year-old son were attacked by the armed men.

Mr Lin senior suffered a comminuted fracture to his right hand and multiple stab wounds, while his son was stabbed in the back. Tsai was described as bruised, but not seriously injured.

Sun and his companions fled the scene after the attack, while the three injured were sent to hospital.

Police identified the suspect’s vehicle using surveillance monitor footage, and ran a check on the police computer network. The check revealed that the vehicle had just been involved in a traffic accident in Taipei City.

Police in Taipei City informed the Yonghe police that the Suspect, Sun, had been sent to Taipei City Heping Hospital. Sun was arrested at the hospital at around 6:00am.

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