Suspect Arrested After Cops Shoot at Tires

Police detectives in Taichung City shot at the back tires of a suspect vehicle before arresting a suspect wanted on charges relating to trading in firearms and drugs.

Detectives investigating the case observed that the 36 year-old man named Zhou, had a regular pattern of movement. Late yesterday afternoon, the detectives proceeded to Longjing District, where Zhou appeared on schedule, driving a stolen car.

Zhou parked his car, and police waited until a large truck stopped at a red light, blocking the vehicle, before swooping in to make the arrest.

Not to be outdone, Zhou refused to surrender, and drove back and forth, crashing into the cars parked in front and behind his vehicle.

A police officer fired three shots, one in the air, and two at the back tires. One shot hit the wheel, sending bullet fragments flying back at the officer. The officer was hit in the upper arm and right cheek, but fortunately suffered only minor graze injuries, and did not require medical treatment.

With a badly damaged engine compartment, Zhou finally desisted and submitted to the officers.

Police made the arrest, and a search of the suspect vehicle turned up 55.24 grams of heroin in 17 bags, 3.85 grams of amphetamines in 5 bags, 50 grams of an unidentified white powder in 6 bags, a handgun, and 14 bullets.

A pistol is found in suspect's car
A modified pistol is confiscated by police after an arrest in Taichung City, April 7, 2018.

bullet graze injury
A police officer was grazed by fragments after firing at the tires of a suspect’s vehicle during an arrest in Taichung City, April 6, 2018.

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