Train Bomb Suspect Identified

A suspect has been identified after DNA analysis of materials believed to have been used to make an explosive device were matched with one of the injured passengers currently hospitalized after a blast on a commuter train in Taipei City.

Eyewitness reports and fingerprints found on the device also point to the suspect, 55 year-old Lin Ying-chang.

Mr Lin appears to have been holding what has been described as a pipe-bomb when it exploded in car six. Twenty-five people, including Mr Lin, were injured in the explosion. Mr Lin was the most severely injured, and remains in intensive care. He is unable to speak, or answer questions.

Fifteen of the injured have been released from hospital, while 10 remain hospitalized under observation or undergoing treatment. Two people, including the suspected bomber are in critical care.

The pipe-bomb was bound with yellow, red, and black tape. The same tape, along with a bag, and a rasp, was found in the toilet cubicle of the train car. DNA on the yellow tape, and on the bag, was matched to Lin. Fingerprints on the remains of the device were also matched to Lin.

A man suspected as responsible for an explosion on a train is seen shortly after the blast
A man injured in a train explosion has been identified as the main suspect

Mr Lin has been described as ‘anti-social’ and a loner. He divorced two years ago and has a son who lives in Hsinchu. People who knew him say his only friend was a dog. He lived out of a van, which was found today in Nantou County. He is said to have been suffering from cancer of the tonsils.

Mr Lin asked a breakfast store owner to take care of his dog before he boarded a bus to Taichung Station. He then boarded a northbound train.

The van was located by police late this afternoon, July 8. The dog was inside the van and barked furiously at police and reporters.

A van with a dog inside. The owner is believed to have detonated a bomb on a train in Taipei City July 7, 2016
A van belonging to a man suspected responsible for an explosion on a train in Taipei City. Photo: United Daily News

Police released surveillance camera footage which showed the man before boarding the bus carrying the red bag found in the train’s toilet cubicle. Surveillance footage from inside the bus shows the man boarding the bus and being careful not to bump the bag on bars and obstacles, before he takes a seat at the front of the bus and gently places the bag on his lap.

The suspect bomber is seen carrying a bag later found in the train's toilet cubicle.
The suspect in a bombing case is seen before boarding a bus in Nantou County approximately 12 hours before a blast occurred on a train enroute between Taipei Main Station and Songshan Station.

After boarding a train in Taichung, he is next seen at Banciao Train Station where he is carrying the bag on his shoulder. He then boarded the local train on which the explosion occurred.

Mr Lin is seen with a dog in a picture from his Facebook account
A picture from Mr Lin’s Facebook account
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  • July 25, 2016 at 4:38 pm

    the dog certainly had prior knowledge of this event and should be considered an accomplice.


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