Three workers injured after explosion at biogas facility

Three workers were injured after an explosion at a biogas recovery facility in Hualien County this morning, Labor Day, May 1.

Hualien County Fire Department received reports of a massive explosion in Yuli Township at around 9:45 am.

Three workers were found to have suffered multiple fractures and other injuries at the site of the explosion.

One worker had a fractured spine and femur and was transferred to Taipei City for treatment after being stabilized at a local hospital. Another worker suffered open fractures of his legs. All three workers were conscious at the time of the rescue operation.

The explosion is suspected to have occurred while the workers were welding above a biogas collection pool. The blast tore through reinforced concrete, scattering chunks of concrete and leaving steel reinforcement bars exposed.

The facility is designed to generate power from manure collected from livestock farms in the area.

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Cover picture: Hualien County Fire Department.

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