One worker dead, three injured after construction site ground collapse

A female worker’s body was recovered 13 hours after she was buried alive on a construction site in Taoyuan City yesterday afternoon, April 30.

Four people were trapped after the ground collapsed at the site of an underground car park construction project in Pingzhen District shortly after 4:00 pm. Three of the trapped workers were rescued and two were treated for cuts and bruises, but a 62-year-old woman remained missing.

Firefighters worked all night in a search and rescue operation until the body of the missing woman, named Lin, was found at around 5:00 am this morning.

Ms Lin’s husband said that his wife had only started work at the site on the previous day, and had not yet completed labor and health insurance paperwork.

The Taoyuan City Government issued a stop work order at the site while the accident is being investigated.

According to reports, the underground car park has three levels, and back-filling operations were being carried out when the collapse occurred.

A road roller, a dump truck, and two excavators fell into the hole.

Pictures: Taoyuan City Fire Department.

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