Taiwan company launches mobile charging robot for EV charging and emergency power supply

New Taipei City – Chander Electronics (TWE: 8068) officially launched Taiwan’s first-ever mobile charging robot, “E-HERO,” today, that the company says marks a revolutionary leap in electric vehicle charging technology and emergency power supply.

According to the company press release, E-HERO combines the advantages of both fixed and mobile charging, offering flexible deployment options in various locations, meeting expansion needs wherever they arise.

The company said that E-HERO is redefines the way we charge our electric vehicles, benefiting not only urban areas but also older communities, office buildings, cultural landmarks, schools, hotels, airports, malls, and more. With a simple tap on a mobile app, users can summon the robot to their location for efficient EV charging, eliminating the hassle of searching for charging stations and significantly enhancing overall charging efficiency.

First in Taiwan! Direct Current Fast Charging – On the Road in Just 30 Minutes

Chander Electronics says that “E-HERO” employs direct current fast charging technology that can charge a battery up to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes, compared to the 6-8 hours typically required by conventional charging stations.

The mobile charging robot possesses a charging capacity of 140 kW, capable of servicing 8-10 electric vehicles in a single day. Besides reducing wait times for EV owners, it can substantially improve parking space turnover, optimizing returns for businesses.

Flexible Deployment Based on Local Needs – No More Parking Space Wars

“E-HERO” capitalizes on the advantage of not requiring additional alterations to parking lot wiring and distribution facilities, significantly reducing the costs of installation and management systems. Its exceptional convenience and mobility address the challenges of setting up public charging stations. It eliminates the need for dedicated parking spaces, preventing disputes between residents and management committees. This ease of deployment ensures that charging infrastructure can be rolled out smoothly, freeing EV owners from the constraints of station locations.

Innovative Bidirectional Charging – Community Energy Storage and Disaster Relief

Beyond its vehicle charging capabilities, “E-HERO” can function as a small smart energy storage system, serving as an emergency backup power source for communities and homes. During power outages, it can ensure the normal operation of various devices and equipment. With its ability to flexibly manage power, it optimizes energy use with the “charge during off-peak, supply during peak” approach, reducing reliance on the public grid. By introducing innovative bidirectional charging technology, it fully unlocks the potential of charging stations, enhancing energy efficiency and becoming a key driver of the ongoing development of the charging industry.

Comprehensive Charging Solutions Based on Demand

Chairman Junrong Tu of Chander Electronics Corp. said, “We have integrated our resources and the advantages of our supply chain, identified the pain points in the current electric vehicle market, and consequently introduced this innovative product in Taiwan. Not only does it enable rapid EV charging, but it also has energy storage capabilities. In the future, as demand for charging stations continues to rise, we will launch the ‘Shared Charging Station’ app, maximizing resource utilization. People driving electric vehicles will no longer worry about charging issues. Our aim is to provide comprehensive solutions for everyone.”

Chander Electronics believes their new product is set to disrupt the current charging infrastructure model, efficiently addressing the challenges of EV charging station installation. In the next phase, the company will offer comprehensive charging station and charging robot equipment leasing plans, with the goal of rapidly deploying 600 fast-charging stations across Taiwan. This approach will maximize parking space utilization, minimize the need for significant power infrastructure modifications, and make energy management and utilization more efficient.

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