Workers at Taiwanese factory in Vietnam knock down gates and leave after being locked in for COVID tests

Hundreds of workers at a Taiwanese-owned factory in Vietnam knocked down the steel gate and went home after being locked in for COVID screening after an employee tested positive, Saturday, July 10. While some reports paint a picture of workers panicking and fleeing in fear after hearing that one of their coworkers was infected, it appears that the workers actually knocked down the gates and went home after being sealed in for mandatory COVID testing at the end of a

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Fight Breaks Out in Legislature: People Take to the Streets

Photo: United Daily News A member of the ruling Democratic People’s Party (DPP) tried to throttle a member of the opposition Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) this morning, after KMT members stormed the podium in an attempt to prevent the passing of a bill. The draft amendment would see the introduction of a 5 day working week, while maintaining the current number of national holidays at 12. The DPP originally promised to restore national holidays that had been rescinded by previous

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