Fight Breaks Out in Legislature: People Take to the Streets

Photo: United Daily News

A member of the ruling Democratic People’s Party (DPP) tried to throttle a member of the opposition Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) this morning, after KMT members stormed the podium in an attempt to prevent the passing of a bill.

The draft amendment would see the introduction of a 5 day working week, while maintaining the current number of national holidays at 12. The DPP originally promised to restore national holidays that had been rescinded by previous administrations. These include holidays such as Chiang Kai-shek’s birthday, Sun Yat-sen’s birthday, and constitution day.

The KMT and New Power Party protested that the draft amendment was invalid, and that minutes from the meeting where the DPP pushed the amendment through in less than 60 seconds, were inaccurate. They demanded that video footage of the meeting be examined and compared to the minutes submitted.

After KMT members took over the podium, DPP Legislator Su Zhenqing grabbed KMT Legislator Chen Yimin by the neck. Photographs of Mr Chen taken immediately after the incident show him with a bruise near his left eye, and the legislator also looked visibly shaken.

Wang Yi-kai (王奕凱) used social media today to call for a flash protest at 7:00pm this evening. Around 50 supporters gathered outside the legislative yuan building, blocking traffic on Chongshan Road.

By 11:00pm, the protesters had been joined by hundreds of people and attempts were made to climb the fence to enter the legislature. Clashes with police ensued. See video footage below.

legislators fight in Taiwan over workers rights
Legislator Su, in the green corner, attempts to strangle Legislator Chen, in the blue corner. Photo: UDN
KMT legislator Chen Yimin shown visibly shaken after being attacked by DPP member Su
KMT legislator Chen

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