Taiwan legislature buys 200 bottles of Australian wine in support against China bullying

Taiwan’s parliamentary body, the Legislative Yuan, has purchased 200 bottles of Australian wine in support of an international inter-parliamentary action to counter China’s bullying of the Australian wine industry. Members of┬áthe Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC), “an international cross-party group of legislators working to reform the approach of democratic countries to China,” recently called on consumers to stand up to Beijing. The call comes after the CCP slapped “anti-dumping” import tariffs on Australian wines of up to 212%. “We are

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10,000 Bottles of Quality Australian Wine to be Destroyed by Customs

More than 10,000 bottles of Penfold’s wine will be destroyed after customs officers intercepted the undeclared shipment in a container at the Port of Kaohsiung yesterday, May 21. The estimated value of the haul is NT$30 million (AUD $1.3 million). Customs officers studying the manifest of a cargo ship were suspicious about the contents of a 40-foot container originating in Hong Kong and slated for re-export to Busan, Korea. Upon opening the container, the officers found that alongside the documented

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