Heavy machinery falls off truck, crushes parked car

A large piece of heavy machinery fell off a semi-trailer in Kaohsiung City this morning, flattening a parked car, but fortunately the owner of the vehicle was having breakfast at the time, and there were no casualties. At 6:22 am this morning, a 26-year-old man named Liu was driving a semi-trailer on Dezhong Road in Nanzi District when the section of heavy machinery undercarriage being carried on the trailer fell off and crushed the small sedan. According to police, the

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Scooter rider narrowly escapes death after 8 ton steel coil falls off truck

A scooter rider suffered only minor bruising after a steel coil weighing around eight tons fell off the back of a truck and bowled his scooter over in Kaohsiung City, yesterday, July 30. According to reports, at around 3:55 pm, a flatbed truck with trailer carrying four steel coils was passing through the intersection of Gaofeng Road and Kongfeng Road in Xiaogang District when one of the coils rolled off the back of the truck. The coil flipped end-to-end several

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Loose Screws Halt Traffic on National Freeway

Drivers on the National Freeway were caught in a one hour traffic jam and 15 vehicles suffered punctured tires after barrels of screws fell of a truck this evening, October 19. Shortly after 6:00pm, a truck carrying a load of screws northbound from Tainan to Taichung lost two barrels, which burst open on impact, strewing screws over a 300 meter long section of the freeway in Yunlin County. A United Daily News report said the National Freeway turned into a

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