Taiwan Defense Act introduced to US House of Reps: “end strategic ambiguity and draw a clear red line”, Rep says

A bill aimed at ensuring the USA can meet its obligations under the Taiwan Relations Act in the face of the “Chinese Communist Party’s aggressive military build-up” was introduced to the House of Representatives, June 1. The bill is the identical to the Taiwan Defense Act introduced to the Senate last month. Introduced by Representative Mike Gallagher, the bill is designed to ensure the Department of Defense maintains the ability to defeat a Chinese invasion against Taiwan. “Yesterday, we saw

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Former US defense official: US military flight a strong signal Taiwan not territory of China

Joseph Bosco, former China country desk official in the office of the Secretary of Defense, said that a US military plane’s flight over Taiwan June 9 was a strong signal that the US does not consider Taiwan part of China’s territory. Voice of America Chinese reports the comments in an interview with Bosco, after US Defense Secretary Mark Esper reaffirmed America’s commitment to a democratic Taiwan in a series of tweets, Tuesday morning, June 16. Bosco, a senior associate at

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US Senator introduces Taiwan Defense Act with nuclear option

US Senator Josh Hawley (Rep. Missouri) introduced a bill, June 11, to ensure that the US military is able to maintain the ability to defeat China even if it mounts a successful invasion of Taiwan, including an assessment of the use of nuclear forces. The “Taiwan Defense Act” is aimed at denying a “fait accompli” victory by the People’s Republic of China. The fait accompli refers to the possibility of the PRC mounting an invasion of Taiwan using overwhelming military

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