Good conduct trumps good homework: student praised for taking responsibility for accident

The owner of a scooter damaged when a junior high school student accidentally bumped into it while cycling to school this morning declined compensation, saying that the happiness he felt at witnessing the young man’s exemplary conduct was worth far more than a cracked fender. Somewhere in Taiwan at around 6:50 am today, the student, named Chen, was cycling to school, when heavy traffic compelled him to ride too far to the left, and he bumped into a scooter parked

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Ministry of Education organizes emergency flight to get Taiwan students out of Hong Kong after violence escalates

Taiwan’s Ministry of Education arranged a special flight for 85 students who requested help to return home, after violent conflicts between protesters and police spread to a university campus, yesterday, November 12. Another 41 Taiwanese students purchased tickets on regular flights to Taiwan. According to the MOE, there are a total of 1,021 Taiwanese students enrolled at universities in Hong Kong, including exchange students. Around 300 Taiwanese students are enrolled at China University of Hong Kong (CUHK). CUHK remained barricaded

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Foreign Students Rescued After Flash Flood in Miaoli

[Picture: Miaoli County Fire Bureau.] Miaoli County Fire Bureau officers were called in to rescue a group of students after they were trapped by rapidly rising waters following heavy rain in Miaoli County yesterday. Liberty Times Network reported that the Five men and one woman are post-graduate students from Honduras, Ecuador, and Nicaragua. Four people managed to escape themselves, leaving two people trapped. Firefighters took 6 hours to rescue the two, and had to use rappelling equipment to reach the

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Student Protesters and Reporters arrested after Occupying the Ministry of Education

Protests intensified last night over controversial changes to the national curriculum. High schoolers and other students were joined by other members of the community after the Ministry of Education defied a court decision that deemed the changes illegal and insisted on rolling out new textbooks that redefine the Japanese colonial period as the period of Japanese occupation, and re-introduces a Sinocentric version of history in Taiwan. Thirty-three people were arrested, including 3 reporters after they entered the MOE building late last night. The

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