2 adults, 4 children missing after flash flood in New Taipei City

Search and rescue operations are continuing Sunday morning after a group of adults and students attending a nature camp were swept away by a flash flood in Shuangxi District, New Taipei City, Saturday afternoon. New Taipei City Fire Department received reports that a group of students and teachers had been swept away by a sudden surge of water in a stream on the Hubao Pond Trail at 4:38 pm. A group of 31 people taking part in a nature camp

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Two dead, two missing after “abnormal” water release at Taipower dam floods campsite

Search and rescue personnel found two bodies and are searching for two missing people, after five members of a camping group were washed away by a flash flood caused by an accidental release of water from a dam in Nantou County this morning, September 13. Staff at Taipower’s Daguan Power Plant said that a sluice gate on the Wujie Dam automatically opened at 4:12 pm for an unknown reason. Staff noticed the abnormality shortly after 5:00 am, and closed the

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Foreign Students Rescued After Flash Flood in Miaoli

[Picture: Miaoli County Fire Bureau.] Miaoli County Fire Bureau officers were called in to rescue a group of students after they were trapped by rapidly rising waters following heavy rain in Miaoli County yesterday. Liberty Times Network reported that the Five men and one woman are post-graduate students from Honduras, Ecuador, and Nicaragua. Four people managed to escape themselves, leaving two people trapped. Firefighters took 6 hours to rescue the two, and had to use rappelling equipment to reach the

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Tourists Rescued After Flash-Flood in Wulai District

Two groups of tourists called emergency services after becoming trapped by floodwaters caused by afternoon thunderstorms in the Wulai District of New Taipei City on Sunday afternoon, June 26. One group was rescued after firefighters and police deployed a ladder into a steep gorge. Another group of 20 people were trapped on a sandbar, and are not considered to be in immediate danger at the time of reporting.

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Girl Found Alive After Flash Flood Four Dead, One Still Missing

A 15 year old girl survived a flash flood after a group of six people on a river tracing expedition were caught by a flash flood in the Pinglin District of New Taipei City yesterday. The girl managed to survive by clinging to a piece of driftwood. She spent the night resting on a rock. At dawn, the river level had fallen enough for her to wade to shore, where she approached the home of a resident, who called authorities.

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