Suspect arrested after woman almost killed in random knife attack in Tainan City

A woman in Tainan City was attacked by another woman with a knife in Tainan City in what is suspected to be a random attack yesterday, February 22. At around 6:15pm, a 68-year-old woman named Lin was sitting on a bench taking a rest with her 92-year-old mother after going out to buy dinner when she was approached by a woman and viciously attacked with a knife. As a passerby approached the women, the attacker fled the scene, leaving Ms

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Man Attempts to Snatch Girl in Random Street Attack

Passersby rushed to the assistance of a woman and her daughter after a man grabbed the girl and attempted to wrest her away from her mother in Neihu District, Taipei City, Wednesday, August 8. At around 6:00pm a woman named Wu was walking hand in hand with her daughter on Minquan Road, when a man standing outside a cafe suddenly lunged forward and grabbed her 7 year-year-old daughter’s backpack. As Ms Wu pulled her daughter by the arm, the man

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