Rockfall crushes parked cars in Taipei City

Three cars parked beneath a steep slope in Neihu District, Taipei City, were badly damaged by fallen boulders after a rockfall caused by heavy rain generated by Severe Tropical Storm Kompasu this morning, October 11. The Taipei City Government was notified of the rockfall at at Lane 456 Chenggong Road, at around 7:30 am . A total of four cars were damaged, but fortunately there were no injuries reported. Police blocked the road section while engineers examined the slope and

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One dead, one injured after bus mounts sidewalk in Taipei City

One man died, and an on-duty police officer was injured after a bus driver dozed off and crashed onto a sidewalk in Neihu District, Taipei City, this evening, September 21. The Sanchung Bus Company operated Blue 26 bus suddenly mounted the sidewalk on Neihu Road at around 8:00 pm, skidding to a stop after around 50 meters. The bus knocked down a 54-year-old man who lost vital signs at the scene of the accident, and was later pronounced dead at

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Man Attempts to Snatch Girl in Random Street Attack

Passersby rushed to the assistance of a woman and her daughter after a man grabbed the girl and attempted to wrest her away from her mother in Neihu District, Taipei City, Wednesday, August 8. At around 6:00pm a woman named Wu was walking hand in hand with her daughter on Minquan Road, when a man standing outside a cafe suddenly lunged forward and grabbed her 7 year-year-old daughter’s backpack. As Ms Wu pulled her daughter by the arm, the man

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