Manspreading incident leads to punch-up on the Taipei Metro

A man was taken to hospital to receive stitches to his head after an altercation over leg space led to a fight on an MRT train this morning, July 18. At around 8:00am, two men boarded a train at Yongning Station on the MRT Blue line, and took seats beside each other. As the train headed toward Taipei City, Mr Shi, 53, became irritated by 42-year-old Mr Zeng’s “domineering, wide-open legs” (ET Today) pushing up against his thighs and taking

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Drunk Brit bites MRT cop after being kicked off train

A British man who was kicked off a Taipei Metro train because he was drinking alcohol and being abusive to other passengers, allegedly bit a police officer who tried to prevent him getting back on the train, and was subsequently arrested. The incident occurred on April 30, and the first report surfaced on the SET Network on May 8. Today, May 13, Taiwan’s major news networks, including Apple Daily, Liberty Times Network, and China Times are reporting the incident. According

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MRT Graffiti Vandals Identified as Spanish

Three men who defaced an MRT train in Kaohsiung last week have been identified as Spanish visitors who have already left the country. The trio are also suspects in two graffiti attacks on Taipei Metro trains. In the early hours of the morning last Thursday, April 12, three men wearing hooded jackets and masks entered an MRT depot in Kaohsiung City and spray-painted two MRT cars. Police investigators eventually traced the movements of the men using CCTV and traffic monitor

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First Made in Taiwan Light Rail Train Rolls Out

Cover picture: United Daily News. The first train for the Tamsui Light Rail project rolled off the production line today at a factory in Hsinchu. It is the first light rail train to be manufactured in Taiwan. The LRTs are being manufactured by Taiwan Rolling Stock Company in cooperation with German company Voith Engineering Services. An unveiling ceremony was attended by New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu (朱立倫). A Taipei Metro spokesperson said the light blue color represents the clear

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Taipei Metro (MRT) Celebrates 20 Years

March 28, 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Taipei’s MRT; a transportation network that created a paradigm shift in the capital city’s urban development. Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) has launched events to mark the occasion, including video and audio broadcasts contributed by various artists, and a series of collectible tokens in colors representing the five MRT lines. Evan Yo, Wang Dawen, Matthew Lien, and other artists, have contributed songs to celebrate the milestone, while the Taipei Chinese Orchestra, Taipei

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