First Made in Taiwan Light Rail Train Rolls Out

Cover picture: United Daily News.

The first train for the Tamsui Light Rail project rolled off the production line today at a factory in Hsinchu. It is the first light rail train to be manufactured in Taiwan.

The LRTs are being manufactured by Taiwan Rolling Stock Company in cooperation with German company Voith Engineering Services.

An unveiling ceremony was attended by New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu (朱立倫). A Taipei Metro spokesperson said the light blue color represents the clear waters of the Tamsui(Danshui) River, and the white symbolizes light reflecting on the water.

Danshui means “fresh water” in Chinese, and although the waters are currently far from clear, the symbolism may reflect the city’s aspiration to clean up the waters of its three rivers, which all reach the sea at Tamsui.

Each train consists of 5 low-chassis cars. The trains are human-piloted, have a 265 passenger capacity, and can travel at a maximum speed of 70 kph. The trains are fitted with batteries so that over-head lines can be avoided in certain places such as across intersections.

The trains have large windows so passengers can enjoy views of the river, mountains, and sea, and are constructed of stainless steel to resist corrosion.

The train unveiled today will be moved to Tamsui next month to begin testing. The line is expected to begin operations before the end of 2018.

Train Name: Warrior

Cost per train: 100 million

Total fleet: 15

Maximum speed: 70 km / h

Material: Aluminum alloy stainless steel

Capacity: 62 seats, 203 standing, 265 people

Power supply: 750V DC overhead lines, lithium battery storage system

interior of light rail train to run on Tamsui light rail line
Interior of light rail train to run on Tamsui light rail system. Photo: United Daily News
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