Elon Musk world’s richest man: Chinese companies rush to register his name as trademark

Following Tesla Motors trillion-dollar valuation, and the rise of Elon Musk to title of “world’s richest man,” companies in China have rushed to register the Chinese version of his name as a trademark for products ranging from t-shirts to educational services. Chinese tech media outlet IT Home reported, October 26, that a search of trademark registrations revealed that at least 273 companies had registered the name “馬斯克.” IT Home noted that the registrations involved companies dealing in clothing, shoes, hats,

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Taiwanese PC maker Gigabyte apologizes for mocking quality of “Made in China” components

Taiwan-based PC maker GIGABYTE (TWSE:2376) issued an apology today, after facing criticism in China over statements made on its website which implied that computer components manufactured in China were of inferior quality to those made in Taiwan. The introduction to Gigabyte’s e-sports notebook series “Aero” claimed that Gigabyte implements strict quality control, manufacturing their notebook computers in Taiwan instead of China, where product quality is low. The comment drew the ire of Chinese Internet users on social media platforms such

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Chinese professor: There were no ancient western civilizations; just modern fakes made to demean China

A Chinese professor claims that the Egyptian pyramids, the Parthenon, and other remnants of ancient civilizations in the West, were all faked by Western scholars in order to fabricate an ancient history, and diminish the glory of China. Hong Kong News outlet Hong Kong 01 is just one of many Chinese language media who reported on the farcical claims after Professor Huang Heqing broadcast one of his lectures live to the internet recently. While ultranationalist conspiracy theories are not rare

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Made in China baby lotion allegedly contains hormones that produces “Michelin babies”

A baby lotion manufactured and sold in China has been pulled from shelves in that country, after allegations that it contained hormones that caused a five-month-old baby to balloon in weight, grow hair on its forehead, and suffer developmental setbacks, according to Chinese language news sources, including Apple Daily. The story came to light after popular Chinese science blogger, Daddy Wei published a video on the Chinese social network Weibo, January 7. According to reports, the parents of a five-month-old

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