Police bust gang arsenal, confiscate 24 guns, 1,200 rounds of ammo

Police arrested four suspects and confiscated 24 guns after an investigation that led to the raid of a property in Tamsui District, New Taipei City, the Taipei City Police Department announced today, August 6. A police spokesperson said that the department had received reports several days ago that gang members possessing a large number of firearms were hiding out in Tamsui District. A police taskforce was immediately formed to investigate the case. Investigators identified a 27-year-old man, named Zheng, believed

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Shots Fired in Taipei City Two Times in One Night

Police in Taipei City are investigating two incidents where shots were fired in Taipei City last night, and seven suspects have been taken in for questioning. At around 11:00pm last night one shot was fired in an alley off Anhe Road, then at around 3:00am, 20 people armed with sticks and bats clamored in the car park of the Mortuary Service Office Second Funeral Parlor on Xinhai Road. More than ten shots were fired, at least one of which hit

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Three Injured, 1 Dead in New Taipei City Gangland Shooting

Breaking news: updates and changes expected. Five people were shot during temple celebrations in New Taipei City’s Tucheng District today and at least one is dead. One of the victims is a gang boss named Lin Li-chang (林立昌) who belongs to the Heavenly Way Alliance. At the time of writing Lin is in a critical condition after being shot 6 times. Lin was not breathing and had no heartbeat when brought to the hospital, but was revived and is currently

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Gang Boss Capped: Cops Don’t Buy Gunman’s Story

Police today arrested a 25 year old man suspected to have killed a gang boss in Tucheng District, New Taipei City last Thursday evening June 22. Huang Yilun (黃義倫) was shot to death as he sat in his white Porsche SUV in a parking lot. Shortly after Huang entered the vehicle, a man approached the driver’s side door, pulled out a handgun, and fired 10 shots through the window. Huang bled to death at the scene from a wound to

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