Gravel Truck Overturns on Rain-Damaged Road

A truck driver escaped with minor injuries after hitting a washed out section of road in Nantou County this morning. The accident happened at around 6:30am after heavy rain overwhelmed the drainage culvert, causing a cross-section of the road to wash out. The complete front wheel and axle assembly was ripped out from under the truck, which then overturned. The road is part of an 11.5 kilometer network built exclusively for the use of gravel trucks. The road was opened

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Gravel Truck Driver Looking Around and Digging His Ear Before Sandwiching Little Blue Truck

A driver involved in a fatal accident where a small truck was sandwiched between two semi-trailers was found to have lied when he said that the vehicle in front had suddenly stopped, leaving him no time to brake and avoid a collision. Tuesday morning September 26, a 33 year-old driver of a small truck was killed after being sandwiched between two gravel trucks. Internal video monitors from the gravel truck driver’s cabin released yesterday, showed that the driver was not

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