“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” banned at Tokyo Disneyland to promote “gender inclusiveness”

The traditional English language expression “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” is being replaced by “Hello, everyone” at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Resort in the interests of gender inclusiveness, according to Kyodo and other Japanese media agencies. Tokyo Disneyland and the resort have been “transitioning” the welcome announcements to be more accommodating to all guests with a more inclusive message that applies to people of all genders, Disney watchers and insiders, Inside The Magic reported. “Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo

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Brunch Restaurant Fined for Not Hiring Men

A brunch restaurant in Banciao District was fined NT$150,000 today after being found guilty of discriminatory hiring practices that violated gender equality provisions under Article 7 of the Employment Act. Yummy Brunch was accused of refusing to interview a male job seeker when he applied for an advertised position for a server at the well-known restaurant. Management told the man that they do not accept males for interviews, and that the servers were required to wear a dress as a

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Student Protest at Fu Jen University Escalates into a Hunger Strike

The president of a student union at Fu Jen Catholic University in New Taipei City swore on a string of rosary beads to immediately begin, and maintain a hunger strike until school authorities commit to improving regulations governing the supervision of female students in school dormitories. Students have been protesting against a curfew on female students entering the dormitories between 12:00am and 6:30am. No such restrictions are placed on residents of the male dormitories. Protesters today argued that the regulations

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