Taiwan aims to attract 100,000 foreign professionals by 2030

The government of Taiwan aims to increase the number of foreign professionals working and residing in Taiwan to 100,000 by 2030, according to the National Development Council. Speaking at a seminar on the 2021 amendments to the Act for Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals, yesterday, November 8, NDC Deputy Minister Shih Keh-her said that it hopes to improve the recruitment laws and related supporting facilities in order to meet the goal of recruiting 10,000 foreign professionals by the end

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Unemployment at 8-year high; employment numbers see biggest drop in history thanks to pandemic restrictions

The economic effects of Taiwan’s Level 3 epidemic restrictions have been felt in the employment sector, with unemployment up, and employment numbers seeing biggest drop in history on a month by month basis, according to May data released by the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics today, July 6. The unemployment rate for May rose to 4.11%, up from 3.64% in April, marking the highest unemployment rate since 2013. The human resources survey data was collected between May 23 and

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Taiwan High Speed Rail Criticized Over Discriminatory Hiring Policy

[Cover picture: Nikkei] A Kaohsiung City Government councilor, and a spokesman for a prisoner rehabilitation group spoke out today against a clause in Taiwan High Speed Rail’s tender contracts that prohibit contractors from employing people with criminal records. Kaohsiung City councilor Lina Chen (陳麗娜) said the restriction was discriminatory, unlawful, and unconstitutional. Councilor Chen requested THSR to remove the discriminatory clause or she will report the company to the Control Yuan. A spokesperson for a prisoner rehabilitation group, Liu Jia-guo

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Brunch Restaurant Fined for Not Hiring Men

A brunch restaurant in Banciao District was fined NT$150,000 today after being found guilty of discriminatory hiring practices that violated gender equality provisions under Article 7 of the Employment Act. Yummy Brunch was accused of refusing to interview a male job seeker when he applied for an advertised position for a server at the well-known restaurant. Management told the man that they do not accept males for interviews, and that the servers were required to wear a dress as a

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