F-16 fighters back in the air after being grounded following crash

A sortie of four two-seater F-16V fighter jets took off from Chiayi Airforce Base this morning, marking a return to the air for F-16 fleet after being grounded for inspection following a crash January 11. The squadron was led by Major General Wei Zhaolin, in a morale-boosting return to combat readiness, Air Force Command said. All F-16’s, including standard and upgraded F-16V (BLOCK 20), in both single and two-seat configurations are now returned to flight service, AFC said. In the

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Air force F-16V fighter reported to have crashed at sea

An ROC Air Force F-16V fighter aircraft crashed into the sea off the coast of Chiayi County, according reports this afternoon, Tuesday, January 11. The single-seat F-16V No.6650 was conducting air-to-ground bombing training when it crashed into the sear near Dongshi Township at 3:23 pm. Coast Guard vessels and two military helicopters were immediately dispatched to search for the 28-year-old pilot, Captain Chen Yi. Air Force Command stated in a press release this afternoon that the fighter jet No. 6650

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F-16 slips off runway on landing at Pingtung Air Base

An air force F-16 fighter aircraft left the runway, and ended up nose-down at Pingtung Air Base this morning, according to reports today, Tuesday, August 31. Pilots were rehearsing for the upcoming Han Kuang military exercises when the fighter jet overran the runway after landing at around 6:30 am. Witnesses reported seeing several firetrucks and ambulances rush to the scene of the incident. The Ministry of National Defense said that the pilot is uninjured but has been sent to hospital

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F-16 makes emergency landing after canopy flies off: suspected human error

A pilot was forced to make an emergency landing yesterday after the cockpit canopy flew of an air force F-16V, and an investigation into the incident is moving in the direction of human negligence, according to a senior air force official. The F-16 was one of four fighters to take off from Chiayi Air Force Base on a routine training mission at 7:29 am yesterday, August 11. However, shortly after the aircraft’s wheels left the tarmac, the cockpit canopy suddenly

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Salvage operation for crashed F-16 suspended until April-May 2021

Air Force Command announced today that salvage operations for an F-16 that crashed off the coast of Hualien County will be suspended until April and May next year, due to poor weather and ocean conditions. The aircraft, carrying one pilot, went down around 13 kilometers northeast of Hualien City on November 17. See previous story: F-16 missing, suspected crashed off east coast of Taiwan The statement said that the location of the downed aircraft had been effectively calibrated after 56

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F-16 missing, suspected crashed off east coast of Taiwan

An ROCAF F-16 fighter plane is suspected to have crashed at sea, after disappearing from radar screens northeast of Hualien Airport at 6:07 pm this evening, according to the Ministry of National Defense (MND). The aircraft took off from Hualien Airbase for a night time training mission at 6:05 pm, the MND report said. The aircraft disappeared from radar screens around 13 kilometers northeast of Hualien Harbor around two minutes after take off. Air and surface search crews have been

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