Air France plane turns back to Beijing after “bang,” burning smell in cabin

An Air France flight from Beijing to Paris returned to Beijing shortly after takeoff this morning due to what the airline describes as a “technical fault,” but Chinese media outlets are saying was an explosion and fire in the passenger cabin. Air France said that the crew of flight AF393 flying from Beijing Capital International Airport to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport September 18, 2021 decided to return to Beijing according to the aircraft manufacturer’s operating instructions and the company’s

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F-16 slips off runway on landing at Pingtung Air Base

An air force F-16 fighter aircraft left the runway, and ended up nose-down at Pingtung Air Base this morning, according to reports today, Tuesday, August 31. Pilots were rehearsing for the upcoming Han Kuang military exercises when the fighter jet overran the runway after landing at around 6:30 am. Witnesses reported seeing several firetrucks and ambulances rush to the scene of the incident. The Ministry of National Defense said that the pilot is uninjured but has been sent to hospital

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EVA airliner tail strike on landing at Guam Airport

An EVA Air passenger aircraft’s tail made contact with the runway while landing at Guam International Airport this afternoon, August 14. EVA Air Flight BR20 departed from Taipei Taoyuan International Airport at 8:55 am this morning and landed in Guam at 3:53 pm local time. However, the tail of the Airbus A321-200 touched the runway upon landing, according to reports. The 146 passengers and 12 crew were all reported safe. However, the aircraft has been grounded for a thorough inspection.

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Military drone crash lands in Taitung City park

A military unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) crash landed in Taitung Forest Park this evening, and the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) says the cause of the crash was an error in the flight control system. The UCAV took off from the Chih-hang Air Force Base this afternoon on a test flight, and landed in a forested section of Taitung Forest Park at 6:33 pm, according to reports. There were no casualties, but contact with trees caused

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Helicopter Crashes into the Ocean 2 Dead 5 Rescued

Five people were rescued but one crew member was killed instantly when a helicopter crashed into the ocean near Shimen township, New Taipei City today, March 11. One crew member was rushed to hospital but later died. The helicopter belonged to the Ministry of the Interior Airborne Division, and was carrying coast guard and shipping company engineers. The Taiwan-registered freighter came aground yesterday after losing power in rough conditions. Taiwan has been under the influence of a severe continental cold

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