Man Decapitates his Mother and tosses Head from 12th Floor

A man in Taoyuan City killed his own mother last night, then decapitated the body and threw the head into the community courtyard from their 12th floor apartment. The 33 year-old man named Liang, who has criminal records for drugs, intimidation and fraud offences, quarreled with his 67 year-old mother at around 7:00pm last night. High on amphetamines, Liang flew into a rage and stabbed his mother to death with a kitchen knife. Police said that their were dozens of

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Woman Decapitated in Kaohsiung

A 52 year-old mentally-ill woman was decapitated by her 54 year old brother on a busy street in Kaohsiung this morning. At around 9:30am, the woman surnamed Lin tried to leave the house. Her brother tried to prevent her leaving and an altercation ensued. United Daily News reported that witnesses said Ms Lin kneeled and begged for forgiveness as Mr Lin wielded the chopper. Ms Lin even kowtowed. But Mr Lin grabbed her by the hair and chopped her neck

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