How China undermines Taiwan’s national anti-COVID success with local-government actors

Taiwan managed to keep the lid on COVID by being smarter than most other countries, more wary perhaps, by being closer to the original source of the virus, and most importantly by avoiding mass testing, using technologies that were questionable for use for even for well-known disease agents. During early days of the outbreak, in 2020, Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Central Epidemic Control Center (CECC) decided to implement border controls, put people into a 14 day quarantine upon

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Pro-China Thugs Beat up Student Protestors

China Unification Promotion Party members scuffled with students who had protested, and shut down a concert at National Taiwan University in Taipei City yesterday, Sunday, September 24. During the altercation, one of the CUPP members used an extendable baton to hit at least two students. The students required hospital treatment, one for a 3cm head laceration. National University Downgraded to Municipal Level The students were protesting a concert held by the China New Song television series (official English name: Sing!

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