Road Rage: Driver arrested for pointing BB gun at smartphone-using pedestrian’s head

A man was arrested in Taoyuan City, yesterday, a week after he allegedly used a gun to threaten a woman who was blocking his way as he drove down a narrow street. According to Apple Daily, the 26-year-old man, named Wang, was driving down the single-lane Chaoyang Street on Wednesday, October 13, when his way was blocked by a woman who was walking slowly, and gazing at her mobile phone. Wang honked his horn and yelled out his window to

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Man Arrested After Posting Lethal Weapon Video to Youtube

A 25 year old man was arrested in Taichung after police found Youtube videos demonstrating the lethal power of modified air-guns. A police criminal investigation unit in Taichung patrolling the Internet became suspicious when they saw air-guns offered for sale on an Internet auction site at up to 10 times the normal price. The videos associated with the ads demonstrated that the rifles and handguns had been modified to fire pellets that penetrated metal. A police officer posing as a

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