Road Rage: Driver arrested for pointing BB gun at smartphone-using pedestrian’s head

A man was arrested in Taoyuan City, yesterday, a week after he allegedly used a gun to threaten a woman who was blocking his way as he drove down a narrow street.

According to Apple Daily, the 26-year-old man, named Wang, was driving down the single-lane Chaoyang Street on Wednesday, October 13, when his way was blocked by a woman who was walking slowly, and gazing at her mobile phone.

Wang honked his horn and yelled out his window to tell the woman to move to the side of the road, and an argument ensued.

Wang became angry and allegedly took a handgun out of his car, walked up to the woman, pointed the gun at the woman’s head, and threatened to shoot.

After Wang left, the terrified woman reported the incident to police. A team of investigators from the Taoyuan City Police Department identified the suspect and obtained a search warrant from the District Prosecutor’s Office. Yesterday, October 21, police raided Wang’s residence to make a search and arrest.

Police found a BB gun and two amphetamine pipes in Wang’s apartment. Wang said that he used the BB gun to play survival games and just wanted to express his dissatisfaction at the time of the incident. Wang claimed that he had no intent to shoot or harm anyone.

Wang was sent to the District Prosecutor to face charges relating to intimidation and drugs offences.

suspect getting out of his car
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One thought on “Road Rage: Driver arrested for pointing BB gun at smartphone-using pedestrian’s head

  • October 23, 2021 at 3:58 pm

    Mark my word: one day we will wake up to fuzzy-wuzzy sceens that make no sense at all, and guess how fast and far the helpless panic will spread. The Internet is destined to fail, probably by design. We need to wean ourselves off this mindless dependency before it’s too late. (Clue: we’ve been warned many times by many people, and IT’S ALREADY TOO LATE.)


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