Sub-machine Gun Seized in Taoyuan City

Police arrested a man in Taoyuan City after a search of the suspect’s car revealed a sub-machine gun and ammunition.

Four police officers on patrol noticed a silver sedan moving suspiciously in Chaoyang Street. When the driver saw the police car, he turned into an alley and stopped.

When police approached the vehicle, the driver attempted to flee on foot, but was immediately arrested. The 34 year-old man named Jiang (姜), begged police to let him go, saying that he already suffered many difficulties in life.

When police opened the door of the car they detected the smell of ketamine. A search turned up a replica sub-machine gun that had been modified to fire real bullets. Two magazines and 60 round of ammunition were seized, along with other gun components.

Jiang claimed that the gun belonged to an unidentified man who asked Jiang to repair it. He claimed that he had refused to take it, but the man had put it in his car when he wasn’t looking.

Jiang said that he had just recently been released after serving time in prison for firearms-related offenses. He had, in the past, learned how to modify and repair firearms.

Police suspected that Jiang had continued to modify and repair weapons as a living after his release from prison, but Jiang was evasive when questioned, refused to confess,and provided vague answers.

Jiang was handed over to the District Prosecutor’s Office to face charges on drugs and firearms related offenses.

suspect arrested
A suspect is taken to the District Prosecutor to face charges relating to guns and drugs related offenses.
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