Grandson Confesses to Grisly Triple-Murder

[Cover picture: United Daily News]

A 39 year-old man in Tainan City used a hammer to murder three elderly relatives on May 10, then robbed them, and handed the money over to a creditor, before going to bed, according to a confession given to police early this morning.

Mr Guo, had dinner with his widowed grandmother, then sneaked into his great-aunt and uncles house next door to steal money. Guo’s great-uncle caught him in the act and cursed him with the Taiwanese insult “F*** your mother.”

The enraged Guo went to his car, grabbed a hammer, then returned to the house and brutally bludgeoned his great-uncle to death in a bedroom. Guo then went to the kitchen and smashed his great-aunt’s skull with the hammer. He then ransacked the house for money.

Guo killed his grandmother in the same manner when she threatened to call the police, then ransacked her house for money.

Guo drove away from the scene of the crime with NT$10,000, and dumped the bloody hammer in long grass at a cemetery around 3 kilometers away. He then went home in Yongkang District of Tainan City, to dispose of his blood-soaked clothes, washed up, and went out to hand the money over to a creditor.

When police went to Guo’s house to question him at around 11:00pm last night, Guo told them he didn’t want to talk, and just wanted to sleep.

According to investigations so far, each victim was struck in the head at least 5 times.

Guo confessed after being taken to the scene of the crime at around 4:00am this morning, and the murder weapon was recovered at around 8:00am.

Neighbors told police investigators that Guo had stolen valuables worth over NT$200,000 from his grandmother earlier this year, but the theft was not reported to police.

police retrieve a murder weapon
A hammer allegedly used to kill 3 people is recovered by police in a rural district of Tainan City. Picture: United Daily News.
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